Top 10 Record Jackpot Winners

Biggest Lottery Jackpot Records in History

Top 10 Record Lotto Jackpot Wins

Do you believe in luck? If your answer is yes, then you must be one like me who like to invest few bucks every week in the different lottery. But it is also true at the same time that winning lottery does not completely depend on your luck but on your skills too, the skills of predicting a winning lottery number. Getting known about top 10 record jackpot winners could help you somehow in prediction. Some people use their name, number, age and lottery number to predict their lottery number. I know, this sound insane, but this is how its work worldwide. People try maximum ways to predict a number for the lottery to win.

In a country like America, there have been hundreds of different types of lotteries has been played. The formats of these lottery games are almost same except the amount of prize. The high amount of prize and jackpot always attract the more and more players. That's why in America lottery games like Mega Millions and Powerball are more famous than other. The amounts of their jackpots are always in millions. The fun part is the number of prizes. Yes, there could be more than just 1 winner of the jackpot at the same time in the same lucky draw. These are the reasons which make Mega Millions and Powerball popular in America.

Following we are sharing with you the list of top 10 record jackpot winners. If you are the one like me who play the lottery in America, then this list could help you many ways. For example, you can use their lottery number to predict a new lottery number in the future, you can use this information to predict that which type of numbers are mostly found in winning number and much more.

1) January 13, 2016, Powerball has announced the world largest jackpot winner, prize $1.5 billion. The player based in CA.

2) March 30, 2012, Mega Million has announced their largest Mega Million jackpot winner, prize $656 millions. Till now there is no one yet won a bigger prize than this.

3) December 17, 2013, Mega Million has announced the second largest jackpot winner; prize $648 millions which are just 8 million less than their previous jackpot.

4) May 18, 2013, Powerball second largest jackpot winner won $590.5 million from FL. The winner was the one who recognized later as the highest annuitized jackpot for one ticket.

5) November 28, 2012, this was the third time when Powerball has announced their largest jackpot winner; prize $587.5 million on two tickets from AZ and MO.

6) February 11, 2015, another jackpot winner by Powerball, prize $564.1 from NC, PR and TX (on three tickets).

7) July 8, 2016, it was another big day for the Mega Millions because one of their players won $536 millions on one ticket from IN.

8) July 30, 2016, Powerball winner from NH with the total prize of $487 million.

9) August 7, 2013, Powerball winners from MN, NJ with a total prize of $448.4 million.

10) Recently on February 22, 2017, the Powerball has announced one of their record jackpot winner, prize $435.3 million from IN. It was another milestone because the whole prize has been won on one ticket only by a single player.