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EuroMillionas was founded in 2004 by the national lottery operations of Spain, France and Britain. It later expanded to other nations making it a really Trans-European, trans-national lottery.

Play Europe Euromillions Lottery Game Online!

EuroMillion is played in thirteen countries and territories throughout the west, with the majority of players coming from the Spain, France and UK. Other participating countries include Switzerland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, and Ireland. EuroMillions is also accessible to play in Monaco, Liechtenstein, Andorra, and Isle of Man. With players from all over the continent taking part each week EuroMillion is, by far the largest and most famous international lottery in the globe.

How to play online EuroMillions lottery

Buy online EuroMillion lottery tickets by picking 5 main numbers (1-50) and 2 lucky stars (1-12). An official ticket will be bought on your behalf by an online Lotto Agent with domestic offices in Spain and scanned into your private ID before the draw. Buy standard tickets or pick a systematic form, which will give every mixture of your picked numbers, providing more ways to win!

EuroMillions is drawn in France every Friday and Tuesday at 21:00 CET. You can purchase official EuroMillion online lottery tickets as late as twenty minutes before that nights draw.

The largest jackpots in Europe

Since 2004, millions of fans have played for a lowest jackpot of fifteen million that can build up to one hundred and ninety million. The EuroMillion lottery is liable for generating several of UK largest lotto winners, who have all won over €100 million each.

Can I play EuroMillion from my country?

Definitely, online lotto fans can definitely play EuroMillion online regardless of their place. The EuroMillion lottery was primary established in 2004 February by 3 founding lottery workers: Camelot lottery from Britian, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado from Spain, and Française des Jeux from France. Since the party days of its beginning, the pan-western lottery has enlarged its area substantially tickets can now be physically purchased in the following 9 countries: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Austria. But why go to the issue when you can buy online tickets.

How to claim EuropMillion prizes at Lotto Agent Websites

Get automatic email alert and free SMS winning alerts when your lucky numbers come in. All win up to €2,500 go straight to your account soon after the lottery winners are published. Bigger prizes may need you to get your winning in Spain, one of the globes foremost lottery countries. EuroMilliions wins up to 2500 euros are tax free, all prizes over this mount are subject to a twenty percent local tax.