OZ Lotto – Things to Consider

OZ Lotto is Australia’s very first lottery game that has remained extremely popular throughout the country with its consistently large jackpots. In 2013, the jackpot reached the unbelievable sum of $100,000,000. Just think what can be done with so much money. Of course, there are many OZ Lotto winners that chose to donate and help the community or those in need around the world. The odds of winning the highest OZ Lotto division, which is division 1, are incredibly small, but when you take a look at the OZ lotto jackpot amounts, then the OZ Lotto ticket of $2.30 looks minuscule compared to what you can earn if you play your 7 numbers right. The balls in the draw have to be from 1 to 45. The draw includes an extra 2 supplementary numbers for extra fun in the game and lower down prize divisions.

Types of Games

To start with, there is the standard game in which OZ Lotto players have 7 numbers to play with. Every standard game provides the player with one single chance to win. He or she can participate with his or her numbers or choose the quick pick box. Quick pick assigns randomly generated numbers to play with. There is also an OZ Lotto number generator that you can find online at oz-lotto.net.

System Game 

The system game allows the player to play with more numbers compared to the standard game and the player has the entry that is covering every combination of the numbers that are chosen by the player. The amount of entries determines the chance of winning the OZ lotto. The bigger the entries, the bigger the chance and the wider the number of combinations that can occur. 

The Syndicate Game

The syndicate game allows the player to win with a greater chance by covering bigger combination options for the numbers that are being shared by team members. The syndicate game, as a result, is a game played in teams. It is a convenient option for people who want to split the OZ lotto ticket price and share the same destiny. 

Lower cost means that players can play a greater amount of games, which on the other hand provides them with bigger chances to win an OZ Lotto ticket. Of course, the total prize will be divided equally in between the members of the syndicate. 

These were all the options with which you can participate in Australia’s first national lottery game – the OZ Lotto. It can be played by purchasing a physical ticket as well as played online – a convenient option for many people who can’t afford time to go out and buy the ticket. 

Simply visit the OZ lotto website during lunch break at work and you might never work, another day in your life. OZ Lotto is also available on Android and iPhone as an application so it can be played literally everywhere in Australia. 

You can improve your chances of winning by taking a look at the statistics that are shown on the OZ Lotto website since they provide greater insight into the mathematics of the game. These statistics are based on the data from the past 1000 games and are a rather reliable source of information. It is always best to educate yourself before going in the lottery game which can make you a millionaire.