Loteria de Navidad 2017

The Christmas lottery in Spain is on sale. The prize draw in 2017 will be more than Euro 2.4 billion. This summer this can be acquired. The campaign “what if Gordo falls here?” encourages this.

Inmaculada Garcia Martinez the president of the betting of the state and lotteries has made the announcement of the start of the sale of the tenths at the press conference. The summer campaign was presented at this juncture. It will focus on the various overseas tourists that come to Spain each year.

The Guiris - the campaign

The campaign named the Guiris can be seen on TV, a spot for cinema and other media too and it is done in a witty way. The tourists visiting this country will wish to win the Christmas lottery so that they can spend more time in Spain and stay all through the year.

The campaign was shot at Benidorm and the tourist who has seen it has opined that he loves the flat and would love to dance the flamenco. Also, he feels that the stay in this country is inexpensive. He would like to buy a piece of land near the beach says another. These comments in the ads are uttered with each of them has a tenth in his hand.

Enables tourists to spend more time winning the lottery

Many a time the tourists did win the lottery and were able to extend their stay in Spain. They were able to enjoy the summer to the full.

The number of prizes in 2017 have increased with 170 million tenths are put on sale. There is a total of 170 series and each comprises of 100,000 numbers. It all totals up to 3,400 million Euros. The distribution of the prize is about 70% of the total prize money which will amount to 2,380 Euros.

About 4,000,000 Euros will be distributed by El Gordo to the series as the first prize. Then 1,250,000 Euros as the second prize, 500,000 Euros as the third and 200,000 Euros each for two, fourth prizes, 60,000 Euros each as eight, the fifth prize will be also distributed by him to the series.

According to the Lotteries and State Bets President, the amount of the tenth is the same as the previous years that is Euros 20. Thousands of Spaniards will bear this cost. This is because the Christmas lottery is considered as one of the most well-known values. It is a very lively tradition that is followed by the citizens and is open to the visitors and tourists too.

Increased sale thing of joy

Then Garcia Martinez has said that we can dream till December 22. The sale has increased by 13% from the last three years and this is a thing of joy. This is mostly seen along the Mediterranean coast.

With such augmented sales it has been recognized as one of the most important years for the lotteries. A total of 30% turnover is accounted which is a good sign. This increase the social projects like the sports and culture also get a boost with such increase.

This way the support to the general state budget is continued. The kick off for this Christmas lottery has taken place already. And Garcia Martinez hopes that it knocks on the door and the door gets opened up. These are some points about the Loteria de Navidad 2017.