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SuperEnalotto launched in 1997 and has become of the Italy largest and most famous lottery games. The lottery is operated by Sisal and draws normally take place every Saturday, Thursday and Tuesday. SuperEnalotto changed the earlier Enalotto game that had been enjoyed since the 1950s. In 2010 October the SuperEnalotto jacked topped €177 million, and the lottery still generates jackpots of record-breaking proportions.

Play Italy SuperEnalotto Online!

How to play SuperEnalotto

To play SuperEnalotto, you must pick six numbers between one and ninety for each entry that you want to make. Every SuperEnalotto line you play cost one euro and you can win a prize by matching anything from 2 balls upwards, with the multimillion euro prize claimed by matching all 6 main numbers drawn. You could also win a quick prize, beginning from €25 at the time you purchase your ticket, as 8.5% of the reward pool for every draw is dedicated to these fun rewards.

SuperEnalotto draws generally take place at 8pm on Saturday, Thursday, or Tuesday and 6 mains numbers and single Jolly number are picked at random. The Jolly number is extremely similar to the Bonus Ball in the Lotto UK, helping players win a large prize when matched alongside 5 main numbers.

How to Play Online SuperEnalotto Lottery

Buy online lottery tickets of SuperEnalotto with your choice of 6 lucky numbers from a collection of 1-90. Pick your lucky figures with fast selection, your saved number range, or opt for physical pick. The star Italian lottery provides 6 amazing prize divisions for you to win. Pick one-time entries or a systematic form to raise your chances to win. You can also raise your luck with lottery bundles and syndicates.

SuperEnalotto Entries

The most amazing way of rising your chances of winning a lottery prize is to enter several lines, and SuperEnalotto makes doing that very simple. Instead of picking six numbers from ninety, you can select to choose 7, 8, 9 or more. Every mixture of 6 balls within the numbers picked is played using this technique. For example, picking 7 numbers would generate 7 lots of 6, whilst picking 8 generates 28 possible mixtures.

This is known as integrated system and jobs well for syndicates who boasts larger spending power than individuals. If you match just 2 numbers you know that you will win different prizes and matching more can make this technique of play very profitable, whilst raising your chances of hitting the jackpot.

More ideas to win the Italy’s SuperStar Lottery

The SuperEnalotto exactly shares its jackpot with a sister lottery known as SuperEnalotto SuperStar, which draws a further number that can include €2 million to the regular Jackpot of lottery, and €1milion to the lottery Italian second place prize. The SuperStar can also increase secondary prizes by 25-100 times and provides further prize divisions.

How to Claim SuperEnalotto Lottery Prizes

If any of your digits match all 4 of the Quadrato magico digits printed on the ticket, you quickly win €25. If you win, this prize will be paid straight to your lottery account.