How to Win the Lottery

Tips on Winning the Lottery

Group Lottery Tickets 

Have you ever seen the Megamillions lottery jackpot and thought “wow I would be happy with just part of that money”? Well group lottery tickets may be the way to make your dream of winning a fraction of the pot into reality. 

Group lottery tickets allow you to decrease your investment in the lottery while you increase your chances of winning. How it works is simple. A group of people come together and decide that they will pool their resources to buy lottery tickets. It is a great way to have a little extra fun with like minded people. 

Lets say for argument sake your group has 20 members and each member agrees to put in $1 to join the lottery pool. So now instead of you having to invest $20 on your own you have partners. For $1 you get $20 worth of lottery tickets. 

You have increased your chances to win by 20X's for the same $1 you would have spent on your own chance. Of course if your group lottery tickets are winners than you will have to share your winnings 20 equal ways. 

What Happens If The Prize Is Small 

If winning the big prizes were easy than everyone would do that but it is more likely that your group lottery tickets will yield some small wins. Lets say your group lottery tickets are winners for $5. Naturally dividing $5 up among the group members would not really yield any real money. 

Your group can decide to reinvest the $5 for the next go round. This can work out very well. Lets say for the next 3 weeks your group does the $20 worth of ticket buys AND each week your group wins $10. That would mean that every winning week your group would have 10 more chances to win without each member ever having to invest more than $1. 

What Happens If Its a Big Prize 

No matter what size the 'big” prize is all members agree to split the prize equally. It is a win win situation. You get to increase your odds of winning without having to pay out more money each week and you get your fair share of the pot when your group lottery tickets pay out! 

Group lottery tickets add to the fun of playing the lottery. Take the chance and increase your chances of winning.