The Two $47 Million Dollar Oz Lotto Jackpot Winners

On March 18, 2009, the 2 winners of the $47 million dollar jackpot for the OZ lotto came forward to claim their prize and to figure out how they are going to use the money. Both of the winners were from Sydney, and each of the Oz Lotto winners received $23,991,942.94 of the $47 million jackpot prize. If you want to play Oz lotto you can go to to buy OZ Lotto tickets.

The First of the Oz Lotto Winners 

The first Oz Lotto winning ticket was bought from the Chester Hill News agency and belongs to 16 Western Sydney laboratory workers. They bought the ticket as a spur of the moment activity in the afternoon on March 18th The group was hoping that they could copy the success of many UK lottery winners. 

The group had been talking about a TV program about UK lottery winners and decided to buy tickets because the jackpot was over 40 million dollars. Each member received around 1.5 million dollars. No one was thinking about resigning at the time. They all enjoyed working together, and they make a great and friendly team. The group even bought tickets for the co-workers who were not working that day. 

The initial plan for most of the winners was to pay off their mortgages, which would help them avoid the higher interest rates. One of the younger members of the group was going to apply for a car loan on the day that they received their prize but ended up cancelling that appointment. 

The Second Oz Lotto Winner 

The second Oz Lotto winner was a young man, who was remarkably calm when he was filing the claim for his share of the record-breaking jackpot at the NSW Lotteries Head Office located in Homebush Bay. He did not watch the Oz Lotto results draw on TV. He checked the Oz Lotto results online around 8:40 pm and kept rechecking his numbers until midnight. 

He said that he tried going to bed, but his mind would not stop racing. So, he got up early the next morning and rechecked the numbers on online before calling the NSW Lotteries. He was afraid that he had misread the numbers or had made a mistake. He had been buying Oz Lotto and Powerball tickets regularly, so he thought that he was going to win the Powerball, not the Oz Lotto. He was shocked that he had won the record-breaking jackpot. He was not sure what he was going to do with the money but said he was going to consult a financial advisor before investing. 

Buy OZ Lotto Tickets Online
Buy OZ Lotto Tickets Online
These two winners were the second highest wins ever at the time because this Oz Lotto jackpot surpassed the 30 million dollar Powerball win in December 2003. There have been three other 30 million wins between Oz Lotto and the Powerball. These huge jackpots make more people play than normal, so these larger jackpots have become more regular in the last decade. It is hard to know when the next record breaking Oz Lotto jackpot is going to happen, but playing the lotto can create a huge shock for the winners of the Jackpot. Keep up to date with the Oz Lotto and be prepared for the next mega jackpot that will come out of this draw. It could be any week.